Thursday, February 23, 2012


Amaranth, a delicious gluten-free grain

Before going gluten free three years ago, I had never heard of amaranth and I had no idea what I was missing out on.

Amaranth is one of the delicious grains I discovered when I cut some of the more common grains out of my diet.

When I first tried it, I cooked it like oatmeal, boiling it with water, until it turned into a porridge. This isn't a bad way to eat it, and I still fix amaranth that way from time to time, but it takes more time than I usually have in the morning.

I came across my preferred way to cook amaranth in the book "Gluten-Free Girl."


1/3 cup amaranth
1 banana

Place amaranth in a small frying pan and cook over high heat.

When amaranth starts to pop (much like popcorn), beginning stirring it. Keep cooking over high heat until most of the grains have popped. (This only takes a couple minutes).

The white specks are the popped amaranth

Transfer amaranth to a bowl. Slice banana over the top. Sprinkle with cinnamon and add as much milk as desired. (Sometimes I zap it in the microwave for 30 or 45 seconds if the milk cools it down too much).


Although this breakfast recipe does require turning on the stove, it is extremely quick and easy. When I made this batch I put the tea kettle on at the same time as the amaranth. They were both done about the same time.

Instead of banana, you could serve it with apple, pear, raisins or anything else that sounds good.

I buy amaranth in Great Falls at 2J's in the bulk section, which is where I would immagine you'd find it at any health food store. (Although I once looked at Whole Foods in Colorado, and they didn't have any).

The first time I made it this way, I burned the amaranth and was quite bummed because I was afraid it would taste like burnt popcorn, which I hate. It didn't. It didn't really taste burnt at all. It just had a nice toasted flavor. I still try to stir it enough that it doesn't burn, but if it does, don't sweat it.

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